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Address: 820 Water Street, Sauk City, WI 53583

Phone: +1 608-643-3048


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05:00 PM — 09:00 PM
04:30 PM — 09:00 PM


I am 45 years old (nearly 46), and I started with Red Dragon in Richland City a little more than two years ago. When I began, I was in normal shape -- which means, I was a little overweight, and under-exercised. I had limited flexibility and during the first few weeks, I struggled to kick higher than my knee, or to avoid being winded after the initial warm-ups. Fortunately, that all changed very quickly. I lost about 25 pounds over the first three months, and my flexibility and stamina increased gradually with every session. I am now a brown belt, and I can easily kick over my head. My balance is more stable than it every has been, I feel active all the time and I am in better shape than I was in my early 20s. I lost at least 45 pounds over all, and I feel stronger and capable of doing almost anything.

I do not take karate for the fighting -- I see karate as a sort of poetry of motion. Red Dragon caters to all interests, and all age groups. It is a welcoming place, very supportive, and full of knowledge. The instructor, Master John Jager is a Fifth Degree Black belt, which means he has decades of training and has a depth of understanding that goes far beyond the basic movements. I plan on maintaining my training for many years to come, and Red Dragon has the resources to take me up to the Fourth Degree Black Belt (which is easily a decade worth of material)... and by the time I get there, Master John will likely be a sixth or seventh degree :) .

I strongly recommend Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy. I love the mixed martial arts style -- it is primarily defensive rather than aggressive, and it is energy efficient rather than acrobatic. I can continue with this style long into my 70s (which is not possible in many other martial arts forms). It is never too late to reclaim your energy and want to learn something new. Stop by Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy in either Sauk City or Richland Center and sign up for a free week.
Posted at Mar, 12 2020, by Aharon Zorea
This is a great place for families. My young son started Red Dragon in the fall 2014 for some excercise and socializing. He loves going to class and learning with his new friends. It has given him confidence and taught him to protect himself and others if necessary. I joined shortly after he did, I used to be in Tae Kwon Do but, didn't have any fun. Not only have I continued my martial arts training, with fun I might add, but I have met some nice people and made good friends here. We both love going to class and training with Master John and the assistant instructors.
If you have kids, Master John is INCREDIBLY patient with the kids and teaches with gentleness and kindness. I would highly recommend your kids go here for pratical martial arts that could save their life one day.
I have never seen any sleazy or inappropriate behavior from the teachers in the time I've been there. Common sense, if You don't trust them, why would you send your kids? Doesn't make sense to me.
Posted at Sep, 28 2019, by Brian Duncan

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